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Cowma Sutra

If you're looking to spice up your love life with the local bull and spiral your bovine pleasure into a higher field of existence, it's time you familiarized yourself with the Cowma Sutra, and Cowsmo is here to help.

It's a myth that the only way the bull can get his big horn rubbed is to mount you from behind. Cowma Sutra is best explained as an art - as there is no other way to explain how to shift over a thousand pounds of lustful bull meat around you.

Cowma Sutra dates back over a thousand years, originating from Hindu cows of the Orient, and is the most sacred of all bovine text. Cowma Sutra means, "a treatise on bovine desire". It's considered the most comprehensive guide and work on bovine sexuality and psychology ever written - a bridge between "The Joy of Bovine Sex" and "Lady Heifers' Lover." The greatest misconception concerning the Cowma Sutra is the positions, which are really just a small part of the book - the rest is in balancing all your weight and his.

The first text of Cowma Sutra was written approximately around the turn of the 3rd Century, in Northern India where sacred Hindu cows were not bothered by people. Vatsyayamoo Moollanaga cataloged the many sexual positions imaginable, and theorized many ways to balance the immense weight. He explains to readers how to balance, to shift, and gyrate in ways beyond the tradition rear-end embracement.

Cowma Sutra was long thought to be a book about a bull’s manipulation of the cow, but a good portion of the literature is about a cow's manipulation of the bull! In the Pasture of Sex, it's all about power, politics, and sex. However, the translation from the native Hindu text didn't fare well, so many copies are nothing but pictures. Rest assured, the illustrations are robust and vivid. Since many cows have never gotten
around to learning to read anyway, without the pictures the book would be virtually useless to the average cow.

So, this month I plan to introduce you to a most exotic position that is
also ideal for beginners, and look forward to presenting you more in the

The Churning of the Cream,
as explained from the Virtual Kama Sutra Site

Kamadhenu, the celestial cow with the head of a woman, born from the churning of the Sea of Milk, has the gift of making every wish come true. The deserted wife prays to her. O Kamadhenu! She bemoans the happy times when her beloved showered her with caresses. And here is the lover returning! He had a dream, he says. Kamadhenu was before him. She had his beauty's face, her mouth was trembling, her beautiful eyes glistening with tears. Repentant, he throws himself to her knees. The lover forgives him. He embraces her, crushing her nearly to the point of suffocation. Hugs and kisses on her thighs, hugs and kisses on her breasts. Thanking the celestial cow for opening his eyes, the lover turns his lingam all around inside the delicious yoni. Divine reunion. Churning the cream.