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March 20 - April 19 : You'll probably come across a bit of opposition in the near future with your pastural grazings. Even those cows who are normally supportive and have grazed alongside of you in the past will become uncooperative. Don't let it sour your milk - resolve to follow through with your own multiple-gut instincts and graze alone if needed. Once you've had the chance to contemplate your interest without the company of the others, you can confront the herd on your own terms.

July 22 - Aug. 22 : Your thoughts of late have completely turned to socializing instead of grazing. As much as the herd has admonished you to direct your time from nourishment to them, they can't help but doubt you are not putting yourself and your priorities in the best interest for the herd as a whole. When on your hill, you should put down your mouth and fill it with grass, rather than with words. There is time to socialize later - around the watering hole, under the large oak, or perhaps while the bull is getting his piece from you. You assume there is more to life than simply being content – even though there is, you will soon discover there really is no point regardless.

Nov. 22 - Dec. 21 : It's time to disengage more of your wandering mind, dear Sagittarius. If your mind continues on its inquiry into the reasons some of your friends keep going on field trips never to return, you will later realize the truth, and discover you foolishly wasted all this time worrying when fate was already inevitable. Enlist the help of your fellow bovine to empower you with a sense of grounding and discipline, and seize the days as inevitably
they will slip away. Let slip the grass through your hooves. Enjoy the salt lick of life, and savor the cud upon your palate. The best things in life are free.

April 20 - May 19 :Time for you to get off the fast track and let go your girth and agenda. Now is the time to relax and relish the memories of months past, and reminisce on the past experiences and decisions that were spontaneous without consequences. If you find yourself in the position of having to make a decision soon, don't worry about it and it will simply take the simple course regardless of your reservations. Take a deep breath, let a good moo - the path you take is right for you.

Aug 23 - Sept. 21 : A warm and caring communication will come to you today from someone in the herd. It could be a nudge, a moo, or a forceful mounting from behind. This touching moment will make your day, and whatever great feelings you draw in from it, you'll easily be able to pass them onto the rest of the herd. Take a short stroll to the watering hole early today, and moo happily to everyone you meet, it will make you feel more content.

Dec. 22 - Jan. 19 : A goal that you have been aiming for could show some sign of completion. The part of the herd you normally try to avoid may come to you soon to organize a friendly stampede. This will be your opportunity to break free during the ensuing chaos where the opresssor can't see you. Remember, stick to the farm roads, travel at night, and never graze in broad daylight without tree cover. When it comes time to cross the ocean to reach India
where you will be safe - look for Greenpeace.

May 20 - June 20 :You will discover that it's hard to cope with your emotions as of late, dear Gemini. That's because you are going above and beyond the bovine duty to have such emotions. It's best to not dwell on these thoughts on empty stomachs, as it will make you anxious to realize you can't grasp the depth of such feelings. After your afternoon grazings, consider taking an un-intellectual approach instead of an emotional one, while in company around the water trough. The company of others will help you dissipate your
interest, and you will find equilibrium in ignorance.

Sept. 22 - Oct. 22 : You'll probably feel a bit stodgy during the coming weeks. Things will eventually pick up soon after though. Whatever you do, be ready to make haste when the gates of new opportunity open, for there is only a small clearance between the gate and the drudgery of life you are currently familiar with. When confronted, remember you weight approximately fives time the oppressors weight, you can easily trample them, and move on. Find a nice new field down the road, and do what it takes to join their herd. This is no permanent solution, but a temporary one until you can slip out of the country on a cloudy moonless night.

Jan. 20 - Feb. 17 : Things are starting to get better and better for you as the time progresses, dear Aquarius. Your girth expands, your cud grows moist, and the grass seems to get greener and greener. Try to get yourself grounded though, and practical - that bull is not going to pick you as primary breeding stock. That's ok, as you have always questioned your true bovinity - it's about time you go explore that wild and forbidden desire that grows from your udders - and seek out the Gemini’s down under the giant oak tree at night.

June 21 - July 21 : The wind of change blows up the hills today, so it's best to stay on top of the peak whilst you graze. You may be called to come down for some duties, but remember your only duty is to serve the best interest of your own personal bovinity. Don't make any promises you intend to dishonor, your lack of action will be taken seriously, and your standing with the herd shouldn't tether. However, don't mislead the herd into thinking that something is going to happen when you truly feel it won't. Your intuition is in its prime, and the outcome of the situation will be to your expectations. Trust yourself, for later when you doubt - the herd will be there for you.

Oct. 23 - Nov. 21 :There seems to be unusual amount of aggression building in the pasture as
of late, realize that this is probably because you move to react swiftly to the situations presented around you instead of simply ignoring them and moving around. The nature of the herd is to situate itself around you - it could be that you are coming into conflict with the uncertainty of what you must do, and seek harmony with all that you hope for. Fighting this
paradox is likely to sour your milk, then the rest of the herd. Straighten up your psyche unless you want to consciously send you and your friends down the road to where others have been led every few months.

Feb. 18 - Mar. 19 : Your normally lazy attitude is apt to land you into a luxurious life the coming weeks, dear Pisces. It's in your nature not to get involved, or exert too much energy, or raise a hoof to any that mildly upset you. For some reason, you may be compelled to get up and get moving, but you should just turn around or step back a few feet, and settle back down in your preferred lifestyle. You'll find making friends will intrude upon your grass - resist the motivation to socialize, and enjoy life to it's fullest - just with lack of action.