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Cowsmo FAQ

Meet the Staff is no doubt, if you haven't figured it out, a spoof of I have no affiliation or connections with the Cosmopolitan magazine or web site. I do however have what others believe is a very unhealthy fascination with Cows, and for some reason this is how I'm going to express my love for the Bovine.

All written content is of original work by me, Crazy Joe, or submitted from others (Check Meet the Staff section) - none of the articles are plagiarized in whole. Images, however, are another story -- copyright to image owners should be on all borrowed images. Images sent to me via Email should have copyright info included if it's going to end up on the image, otherwise I'll leave it blank.

I'm always looking for cow related humor on the net - jokes, pictures, animation, news articles, you name it. If you want to contribute to the site, send something to me - you'll get credit for the submission. will update every 3 months estimated, exception being the Humor and News pages which will update as I find material. For now, Cowsmo is on a subdirectory on my main domain host Once the site is fully working, and maybe I decide on a Forum plug-in and make sure I want to continue doing this, it will move to it's own host. Don't expect that till 2004.

- Crazy Joe