This Seasons Hunk of Bullmeat!

Name : Bellion
Age : 27 (Bovine Years)
Birth City : Sweeden
Turn Ons: Grass Breath and fuzzy ears. A cow without a schedual really does it for me most though, I hate it when they find or have something to do.
Turn Offs : Little bells, as I am a big bell Bull myself, due to the name my Mother gave me. That and fecal matter between the hooves, ugh, watch where you're walking cows!


Past Season's Hunk of Bull

Fall 2003

Name : Dudley
Age : 23 (Bovine Years)
Birth City : Poteet Texas
Turn Ons: I like the Heifers with the little brown eyes, a moist nose, and floppy ears. Also, big, I mean BIG Ankle Bones, some that can hold my hooves up there tight. Grazing in the moonlight as well, most of us sleep at that time but for me, it's prime Time for Eating and Loving.
Turn Offs : Brahamn Heifers, that hump is just UGLY. How can any Bull like a Cow with a Hump? That, and those Ear Tags, be a cow - tolerate the flies.

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