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September 5, 2003 Please don't shave the cows - they may be under Pressure!

September 5, 2003 Technologically advanced Bovines make alota Milk!

August 11,2003 The "Dairy Gang" has a short lived riot

August 5, 2003 Phase 3 of Project Freedom underway fellow Bovines!

August 5, 2003 How to tell Cows Apart

August 5, 2003 It's getting harder to tell ourselves apart, but at least Humans are happy.

August 5, 2003 Damn human can't drive and talk at the same time.

August 5, 2003 More advances in Cosmetic Udder Improvements!

August 4, 2003 Cows Identity Hidden to protect the Herd Rated R - No Calves!


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