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Interesting tidbits about Fall 2003 Issue

I made a fictional story up about this guy being a cow doctor that also is a BBQ Chef. In truth, you would hope that was the truth about him after you read this. If the link gets broken, basically in this web-zine, they reported this guy was arrested for bonking frozen chickens. Sadly if you look at his picture, he looks like the sort of guy that does that...

The Horoscopes were in most blatant plagiarism from Horoscopes, very little was changed on more than half of them. Of course two are very obvious to be made up on the fly, and one isn't so obvious. What was scary is after sharing the page with a few board posters at Http://, more than half commented that their horoscope fit them quite well - two of them being ones I did myself.

It was extremely difficult not to plagiarize more from Many of their brief articles could have all the human words replaced with cows, and body parts swapped, and the articles were perfect material If you ask me, that's Erie. This article was one of those I had to rewrite this one several times just to avoid being a plagiarist. Other women-orientated sites that have short sex-tips are also a target for my spoof articles. Nobody is safe from me.


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